(Further) developing strategy, mission statement & North Star

(Further) Developing Strategy, Mission Statement & North Star

Together, we develop and implement a strategy that harnesses the potential of your organization and demands the commitment of the leaders involved.

We do not take a monocausal view of industry, economic or megatrends. Rather, we require you to take a differentiated look at your company' s current situation and diagnostic data - including all strengths and weaknesses on the market as well as the opportunities and risks of future developments.

We then support you in developing strategic options for action - ideally in an iterative dialog between top management, executives and selected key personnel. We pay particular attention to the balance between a sufficiently stable strategic orientation and the preservation of flexibility and an agile approach.

Finally, goals, measures and checkpoints are agreed upon to ensure the implementation of the strategy. The strength of a company lies in the coherent implementation of the strategy, taking into account the situation, the organization and the environment by your employees.

We see in all strategic tasks the aspect of appreciation of the past and present - combined with the sporting demand to further develop the strategy implementation for the future.

Typical tasks here include:

  • Revisiting and developing strategy
  • Defining a mission statement and communicating it clearly and comprehensibly
  • Developing the North Star, which has the power to point to the next horizon

REC is your reliable partner in the powerful implementation of strategy, mission statement and North Star.

(Further) developing strategy, mission statement & North Star

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