Developing team horizon and leadership compass

Developing Team Horizon And Leadership Compass

You have teams and leaders who complain about a lack of alignment among themselves. The common goal of the enormous daily effort has become somewhat diffuse in recent months. What is desperately lacking is a fresh and clear commitment from your top performers and teams.

The company' s purpose is usually abstract and hardly tangible for the individual. The horizon adds a powerful tool to the meaningful and value-based approach to leadership: a powerful agreement on what the team will address together now and in the near future. A new commitment to pack our backpacks, keep our eyes on the horizon together, and head toward the shared horizon.

For customers, we structure the Horizoninstrument as follows:

Level – individual person

  1. I find my horizon (find.your.HORIZON)
  2. I share my story, my horizon (tell.your.STORY)
  3. I build my brand (grow.your.BRAND)

Level – team

  1. We find our horizon (find.your.HORIZON)
  2. We share our story, our horizon (tell.your.STORY)
  3. We design our compass (build.your.COMPASS)
  4. We build our brand (grow.your.BRAND)

For clients, we design horizon and compass sessions with national and global teams. This process has profound team building components. The process effectively welds teams and leaders together and prepares them soundly for the next shared horizon.

REC is your experienced and creative partner in the design, implementation and successful establishment of team horizon and leadership compass.

Developing team horizon and leadership compass

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