You are responsible for shaping the transformations that lie ahead. For you, change management is more than just a series of annoying and complex projects, but rather an expression of your attitude that the future must be shaped today. Adapting structures in an agile manner is more difficult and protracted in detail than expected. Mastering crises demands a lot from your top performers. You arrive step by step at the targeted organizational high-performance culture. You implement strategic initiatives.


Your leaders and top performers are supposed to rethink their leadership role. You expect professional and high-quality further development. You are developing teams. You are about to rediscover leadership. The digital productivity as well as the digital facilitation skillset of your leaders need a new footing. In events, you expect your leaders to inspire and motivate teams. You need harmony and alignment of people and organization. You want to generate movement - toward a meaningful, shared horizon.


You need to equip your organization and employees with the necessary skills to implement and achieve the desired strategy, prepare for new ways of working (agile & networked) and increase workforce engagement. You are looking for answers that keep the “big picture” in mind while clearly and energetically addressing ongoing disruption and change. You need to focus on the four levels of the internal ecosystem: individual employees, teams, leaders, and organization.


You used the best resources and minds you could hire to develop a sound and bold strategy. It is clear where the journey is headed. Now you are concerned with conclusive and binding implementation. When it comes to implementing strategy, even the most successful organizations repeatedly reach their limits: It is necessary to get the people in the company excited about implementing the strategy, to bring them into an “alignment”, to ensure that they pursue a common goal.
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Reichart Effectiveness Consulting (REC) is your international transformation enablerhelping your organization, leaders, teams and individual contributors become the best version of themselves. Thus, they can be an integral part of your movement for creating value add and positive impact in business and society.

For more than 20 years, we have been consulting some of the world´s most impressive companies, including Roche, Genentech, KPMG, Sandoz, Novartis, Metro, Allianz, Audi, Porsche and Henkel. We support executives, leaders and teams faced with solving today’s tough issues:

In addition to our consulting practice, we develop product suites and tools – including our global enabling suite Live with Intent, and create Workplace Literature.


Companies are dependent on the people who drive them forward. When it crunches in the gearbox, the grain of sand has to be found - and this can only be done via connections. We listen, build the bridge, promote connectivity and enable better interaction. Honest, upright, respectful.


Only those who speak from experience can give advice. And that we have been able to advise and accompany so many companies over the years makes us a little proud. Optimizing processes, increasing efficiency, improving productivity: Use our experience and our advice for your next steps.

REC & Partners


At REC, we are your trusted advisors on Transformation & Change, Scaling Leadership, People & Culture and Strategy.

The focus of our work is always the company - the real contribution for you and your team. In our projects, we combine expert knowledge and process know-how into a complementary consulting approach based on a sound systemic attitude.

Discovering key competencies in your company, bundling forces, seeing the common horizon, developing energy towards the goal, achieving groundbreaking results, accompanying change, becoming one pulse: This is what we will achieve together with you.

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Systemic Complementary Change Management

REC – globally positioned for you

With centers in Munich, Bobingen, Wiesbaden, Stoos and Salt Lake City, REC is your international transformation enabler – for sustainable change management, effective mindset enabling, establishment of agile processes.

Bobingen (DE)

Reichart Effectiveness Consulting
Owner: Thomas Reichart
Hochstiftweg 4
86399 Bobingen, Germany

Wiesbaden (DE)

REC Associate Partner
Dr. Wolfgang Golisch
Viktoria-Strasse 49
65189 Wiesbaden, Germany
T +49 179 4665956

Stoos (CH)

REC Affiliate Partner
Justin Tomlinson
Lärchenweg 8
6433 Stoos, Switzerland

Salt Lake City (US)

REC Associate Partner
544 East 1300 N
84062 Pleasant Grove Utah, USA