Attitude and approach

In our projects, we combine expert knowledge and process know-how into a complementary consulting approach based on a sound systemic attitude. Our work is characterized by a principle and value-based approach.

We believe that certain principles and processes provide security in uncertain terrain while leading to better results.
Our team consists of systemic process and expert consultants. We work with professional methods and the highest commitment to enable more excellence in work and life.

The focus of our work is always the company - the real contribution for you and your team.

REC Identity


Is what we create every day
We are attractive inside-out and outside-in because our reputation and brand deliver true value. We are conscious and protective of our reputation.


We serve the most successful organizations
We serve and support the best in class. To work within REC means to be seen since we serve the meta influencers of organizations. We are at eye level with the top leaders of organizations.


We live economic success
Our identity is to be successful in economic terms. We are driven by mission but we know that there is no mission without margin. We are excited about being financially successful.


Our influence goes far
We influence organizations, teams, leaders and individuals on a deep level. Our impact is lasting and extraordinary.


We belong together
On a deeper level, we believe in true friendship. For us, a team is more than working together or providing service for our clients. To be with us means we are in the same cockpit. We fly together in complete trust heading towards a common horizon and provide a safe landing for us all.


Is what we owe our clients
Our promise is excellence and quality in all things. This is what differentiates us. The quality of our programs and products—the quality of every intervention with the REC team—is what secures our own future and also our clients’ future.

REC Core Values


We are a shining example of integrity
We take full responsibility for delivering true value-add. Therefore, trust and proactivity are our enabling principles. We build an REC to be proud of by ensuring we have our team, clients and partners doing the right things. We stop at yellow lights, we abide by the law and we keep our promises.


We strive to be best in class
We have a deep understanding of what we do. We are active in relevant professional associations. We go the extra mile in learning and in keeping standards. We educate other players in our field.


We are fast and flexible
We move fast. We understand that time is an essential factor for our clients and stakeholders. We are quick in response and thought. We are agile in adapting to our clients’ needs. Our internal and external processes and systems are aimed at speed.


We are nice people
We respect and celebrate differences. Other individuals deserve our full respect. We respect others without judgment.


We are very German at our core
We keep commitments and we are punctual. We tend to detail and we are positively obsessed with discipline in thought and execution. We swim against the stream of idleness for our clients and ourselves.