Transformation Strategy & Deployment

Transformation Strategy & Deployment

Your company and yourself are in the midst of what is perhaps a historically unique phase of upheaval or transformation triggered by digitalization and globalization. This transformation affects your business processes, business models, strategies and best practices, perhaps even your previous foundation.

REC accompanies and supports you in this profound transformation so that you can:

  • now steer in the right direction
  • actively design, i.e. remain a designer
  • find the right answer to the new requirements
  • establish learning and change processes in your organization
  • enable a mindset specifically for the new and complex requirements

Together we optimize the alignment between people and business purpose and make sure that both the numbers and the culture in the company are right.
The systemic-complementary consulting approach practiced by REC takes into account the

  • operative
  • strategic
  • structural
  • cultural

aspects of your company.
We see ourselves as part of your internal team for the optimization and redesign of all relevant tasks within Transformation & Change.
We respect your history, what exists and the daily reality of your performers. Building on this, we introduce you to working with agile learning and organizational forms.
The path to sustainable transformation is paved through the active involvement of employees, teams, managers and top management.
Our particular experience lies in the design of interventions and complex change architectures in transnational contexts. The design of the transformation strategy and the deployment are part of our core tasks.
The systemic approach works through continuous loops of reflection and consideration of diverse perspectives and the careful evaluation of interventions.
You gain security and mobilize energy within your company to shape the future.REC is your reliable partner in successfully shaping your transformation.

Transformation Strategy & Deployment

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