System diagnoses of teams and departments

System Diagnoses Of Teams And Departments

A sound diagnosis always precedes the description or recommendation of a solution: diagnosis before prescription. This approach is familiar to you from medicine, because no one would think of choosing a treatment approach without having carried out a sound and professional diagnosis in advance.

A system diagnosis is used to identify the opportunities, potentials and deficits of an organization or team. For example, it provides information on the following questions:

  • Is the corporate strategy known in the organization?Is it implemented?Which strategy is needed for the future?
  • What was the inner attitude, what was the mindset about this in the last 6 months?
  • What is the inner attitude, what is the mindset towards upcoming changes?
  • Which values and standards determine the cooperation within the organization?The relevant relationships?
  • Which informal thinking and communication patterns prevail in the organization?
  • Which attitude and which model determine the communication with the environment of the organization (e.g. customers, suppliers, politics, public, investors)?
  • What is the relationship between managers and employees?Which elements of a high-performance organization, which management tools are used?
  • What kind of leadership will be functional in the future?
  • What changes have been decisive for the development of the organization in recent years?Which experiences have to be dealt with?
  • How is the management of the organization organized?Which instruments are used?How are they seen?What is their impact?

A system diagnostic helps create the DNA of an organization. Each organization has its own characteristics, its own values based on its mission or history.
Only those who know the strengths, the peculiarities and characteristics of an organization and their effects can develop it further in a targeted manner.

A system diagnosis generates benefits and ROI in the following situations:

  • Integration of changes/restructuring
  • Creating a starting point for change from within
  • Team development
  • Development of management teams and executives
  • Organizational processing
  • Realignment
  • Mobilization of the organization
  • Integration of different cultures
  • Development of potentials from within the organization
  • Optimization of onboarding, shortening of familiarization times

We have international experience in systemic diagnosis of individuals, teams and departments. The results of the diagnosis are analyzed and reflected back to the team, group or department in an anonymous way.

The reflection of the results generally triggers high interest and discussions, which at the same time find the right ways for solutions. Reflection of the perceptions of external consultants usually makes it possible to enter into a differentiated discussion and to take an analytical look at one' s own organization in order to develop a common picture of the current situation.

Even after many years of performing professional diagnostics, we are always positively impressed by the solution energy and the right ideas that come from the company itself.

Many employees and managers appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback on challenges and describe solutions in a structured in-depth interview. The result is a remarkable contribution for the team and for the company. It is in the nature of executives' work that they do not have the time to spend hours or even days conducting in-depth interviews.

REC is your reliable partner with a sound systemic approach for professional system diagnosis of organizations and teams.

System diagnoses of teams and departments

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