Implementing strategic initiatives

Implementing Strategic Initiatives

The strategy has been developed, the priorities are clear, now your focus is on well-executed strategic initiatives to also implement the strategic targets in a targeted and timely manner. In most cases, our clients have initiatives across cultural and national boundaries that need to be implemented with power and energy in parallel with change processes. However, the power should come from within, from their employees, teams and leaders.

Typically, we receive customer requests for the following scenarios:

  • Our initiative is underway, but we obviously don't have enough momentum, time and energy internally to make it a success.
  • We are at the end of an RFP process, but unfortunately we are not convinced that even one of the providers will bring the necessary horsepower on the road with heart and passion, and that still in the next quarter in 5 countries.
  • It is about integration into two other initiatives.We are looking for experts who are excellent at diagnosing and listening to design a successful solution.
  • We invested a lot and thought the topic really had momentum with us.But we must now make sure that it runs.How do we manage to motivate the acting persons sincerely from the inside?
  • This topic is critical to our success.Given the history on the team, we desperately need outside ideas, energy, and expertise on how we as a team can use internal and external power to make this initiative a success.

In international initiatives, REC have been successful with the use of understandable and proven principles. The creation of training materials, learning pathways, communication architecture to change support are all part of the trade for many strategic initiatives.

To make our clients' initiatives a success, we work intensively with internal teams, external teams, clients' consultants and experts. A project becomes truly remarkable when all stakeholders feel they belong to a team, whether internal or external, that transforms this strategic initiative into the success and successful implementation it needs to be.

REC is your reliable and experienced partner in the design and execution of international strategic initiatives. We facilitate deep and motivating associations to the purpose, horizon and team within your strategic initiative.