Conducting major events with success

Conducting Major Events With Success

You are in the process of designing a major event and want to execute it with success? Whether in digital or analog format, the event must be professionally designed and prepared to ensure that the intention behind the execution is fulfilled. You want to reach your participants sustainably and “touch” them in terms of content?

Key success criteria include:

  • The right mix and content and group dynamics
  • Fun and exciting elements
  • An arc of suspense leading through the day or days
  • Professional blended learning support (before and after the event)
  • Direct communication with the participants and steering of the learning content
  • Crisp design meetings that provide relevant support to your event team
  • Involvement of top management
  • Integration of employees in the fade-in and fade-out

Large group events offer an effective platform to deliver an important message to the entire company and to mobilize energy for change. Our core competence lies in the design and moderation of dynamic, interactive large group events – whether for 30 or more than 1000 people. We support large group events adapted to your company situation.

In a joint design meeting, we agree on important parameters for the choice of content elements and decisions ahead of time. Your management and event team receives professional and fast support.

REC is your innovative and internationally experienced partner in the conception, preparation and implementation of large group events.

Conducting major events with success

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