Establishing organizational high-performance design

Organizational High-Performance Design

Your company operates in an environment where top performance is required. For you, it's about realizing the full potential of all key system elements - structure, compensation, human resources, information, decision-making, and work processes. Their interaction can result in both high-performance and low-performance.

Organizational High-Performance Designaddresses the question of how teams and organizations can achieve high performance not only at the individual level, but also at the organizational level.

The performance design spans your company like an invisible web and shapes the interaction of all system elements. It influences and shapes the structures, procedures, information flows and decision-making processes.

The first step is to enter the diagnostic phase.

Only the joint diagnosis with the management allows you to recognize where scope, potential and above all misalignment cost a lot of heart and soul and money - and usually on a daily basis..

How the people in your organization deal with stakeholder needs, goals, culture, and even results is critical to system understanding and the mandate for high performance.

The second step is to develop the Organizational High-Performance Design.

The result of this process is an optimization of the system elements as well as a targeted sharpening of vision, identity, values and behavioral guidelines in your company.

With REC, experienced experts in the field of organizational development are at your side. Our design and our experience knowledge will also make your organization a high-performance organization.

Establishing organizational high-performance design


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