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Everything is perfect for you. But from one second to the next, a situation can catapult you into a crisis. Consequence: respiratory distress, rigor mortis, freeze-up. In this situation, the risk is very high that you will literally be overrun by an avalanche of circumstances.

Possible scenarios include:

  • Crisis of strategy and meaning
  • Earnings crisis, liquidity crisis or impending insolvency
  • Damage to image and reputation
  • Change of Control (CoC)
  • Removal of top management
  • Bullying of top performers
  • Shut-down, lock-down of industries, countries, etc.
  • Cyber crime
  • Conflicts among shareholders
  • Board composition (Supervisory Board/Advisory Board)

When such a crisis occurs, your quick and at the same time well-considered action is required. As someone being involved, you may not have a snowball' s chance in hell of even thinking clearly. But at the same time, top performance is still expected from you.
It becomes more difficult to think clearly ...
They see more challenges than ways out ...
What if:

  • an expert “takes over” with you?
  • a crisis coach supports you personally and professionally?
  • you have an expert at your side who, with a clear head, will work with you to initiate the next steps?
  • you can turn to a professional expert with top management experience in an acute case?

With REC, you have experts on your side to take over for you in such extremely challenging situations. In this way, you are optimally supported in the event of a crisis and can return to your executive performance as quickly as possible.
REC is your reliable partner in professional Code Red support within the EU.

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