Scaling of corporate learning

Scaling Corporate Learning

Corporate learning initiatives are closely intertwined with the demands placed on us by digital disruption. Many companies are now actively engaged in upskilling and supporting their teams and leaders in the accelerated digital world.

In the current era of Industry 4.0 and automation, the multiple issues and challenges of management and L& D managers are as follows:

  • How do you scale skillset training globally?
  • How does the integration of digital tools work best to ensure more rather than less leadership effectiveness?
  • How do you design mindset enabling initiatives across functions and enterprise silos?
  • How do you successfully implement blended learning in your company?How much "blended" really works for international groups?

We work with client organizations to structure a pinpoint corporate learning solution that meets current and future needs. Often we do this in initiatives and programs or as a supporting activity. Due to the high acceptance, the solutions are then adopted for international scaling.

REC is your strong technical and content partner in scaling corporate learning projects, programs and initiatives.

Scaling of corporate learning

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